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Daniel is Stanford and Harvard trained physician, scientist, inventor and entrepreneur.Daniel serves as faculty for Singularity University, where he chairs the Medicine & Neuroscience tracks and its FutureMed program (exploring technologies role in the future of health & medicine).

He has given multiple presentations on the future direction of healthcare as impacted by rapidly developing technologies. He recently founded IntelliMedicine, to leverage converging technologies to enable more personalized, evidence based therapies. He received the Adaptive Business Leaders Organization (ABL)’s 2011 “Leadership in Innovation” Award.

Daniel is the founder and consulting chief medical officer for RegenMed Systems, a clinical-stage medical device company that develops tools to enable regenerative stem cell therapies. He is the inventor of the MarrowMiner, a minimally invasive device for the harvest of bone marrow derived stem and progenitor cells.

This device is being commercialized by Hospira Inc. for use in bone marrow transplantation and by RegenMed Systems for use in regenerative medicine applications. While a resident at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Daniel founded and ran The Online Medical Bookstore (acquired in 1999), one of the first online medical marketplaces.

Daniel is credited with several biomedical innovations. As part of his early career at the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Kraft conceived of and demonstrated proof of concept for a monoclonal antibody-based therapy for treating allergic disease; his general approach was later translated to an antibody therapeutic (Xolair) by Genentech. As a Howard Hughes Medical Institute medical student research fellow at Stanford, he discovered a novel population of developing T-cells, which play a role in HIV infection.

Through his recent work as faculty at Stanford Medical School (Institute for Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine) he is also inventor of a novel T-cell array, as well a new approach of targeting stem cells with monoclonal antibody instead of radiation and chemotherapy (published in Science) . He co-developed a new assay system which enabled Daniel and colleagues to discover rare and discrete stem cell populations which can form bone marrow, cartilage or bone (published in Science). He is venture partner with Proteus Venture Partners, and is a member of the Kauffman Fellows Program.

Daniel has a background in aerospace medicine. He serves as a Major in the Air National Guard as flight surgeon, originally flying with an F-15 squadron in the Massachusetts Air National Guard and currently with an F-16 squadron in the 144th Fighter Wing, California Air National Guard, with whom he has deployed to Nicaragua and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Kraft is a graduate of the International Space University. Additionally, he has published physiological research at NASA-Ames and JSC, and was a finalist for astronaut selection.

Dr. Kraft's talks include presentations at the TED, TEDx and TEDMED conferences, Singularity University, the Web 2.0 summit, and the 2009 Keynote Address at the USC Body Computing Conference.

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