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Stanford, California
Stanford University is one of the world's leading teaching and research universities.

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Stanford University makes a great fit for the academically driven student. Few colleges can match the breadth, excellence and prestige of Stanford’s academics, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Whether your interests lie in English, medicine or anything in-between, you can find a top-ranked program at Stanford.

The university is organized into seven schools:

  • Business

  • Earth Sciences

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Humanities & Sciences

  • Law

  • Medicine

Student life at Stanford is quite active, due in part to the 11,000+ students living on campus. Art is a strong presence at Stanford, fostered by Stanford Lively Arts, the Cantor Center for Visual Arts and numerous student clubs and organizations. Stanford also features extensive athletic programs, including more than 35 varsity sports and about 20 clubs sports.

In order to maintain its high standards, Stanford University has extremely selective admissions. The university admits undergraduates based on a combination of academic achievement, intellectual curiosity and personal experience. Graduate admissions criteria and application procedures vary based on the program of study.

Undergraduates at Stanford have access to a variety of financial aid opportunities, including institutional scholarships, grants from the government and student employment. Graduate students can receive financial aid through fellowships and grants, but funding is typically not available for master’s students.

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Sep, 2016$70M / Series B
Aug, 2016$6.6M / Series A
Jul, 2016$2.5M / Seed
Jun, 2016$1.4M / Seed
Jan, 2016undisclosed amount / Seed
Nov, 2015$5M / Venture
Sep, 2015$4.5M / Venture
Aug, 2015$4M / Series B
Jun, 2015$2.7M / Seed
Mar, 2015$18M / Series A
Feb, 2015$34M / Venture
Jan, 2015undisclosed amount / Venture
Aug, 2014$35M / Series B
Jun, 2014$15M / Series A
Jun, 2014$4.8M / Series A
Feb, 2014$560k / Seed
Nov, 2013$8.5M / Series A
Nov, 2013$10.1M / Series B
Nov, 2013$1.5M / Seed
Oct, 2013$23M / Series B
Oct, 2013$1.8M / Seed
Sep, 2013$3.6M / Grant
Sep, 2013$3.13M / Seed
Aug, 2013$4M / Series B
Apr, 2013$16M / Series D
Jan, 2013$8.4M / Series A
Oct, 2012$9M / Series B
Sep, 2012$7M / Series A
Jun, 2012$47M / Venture
Apr, 2012undisclosed amount / Seed
Sep, 2011$12M / Venture
Aug, 2011$20M / Series A
May, 2011$7.5M / Series A
May, 2011$50k / Seed
Dec, 2010$10M / Venture
Oct, 2010$20.8M / Series D
Sep, 2010$9M / Series A
Jun, 2010$6M / Series C
Nov, 2009$10M / Venture
May, 2009$6.5M / Series B

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