119 Investments in 59 Companies
2 IPOs & 39 Acquisitions
San Mateo, California
Financial Services, Finance, Venture Capital
Worldview Technology Partners is a leading venture capital firm focused on investing in and building leading U.S. technology companies.

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Venture Capital that does Early Stage Venture and Later Stage Venture Investments
Semiconductors, Mobile, E-Commerce
United States

Worldview Technology Partners is a leading venture capital firm focused on investing in and building leading U.S. technology companies. Our comprehensive business development services help our portfolio companies succeed in U.S. and international markets.

With a 15-year track record of successful technology investing and close to $1.4 billion under management, the Worldview team—now on our fourth fund—has both the experience and the resources to invest in a broad range of information technology markets, including communications, semiconductors, Internet/digital media, wireless, enterprise infrastructure and software.

We’re proven. Our team has earned a reputation for investing in winning companies. These successes include 3PAR, AFC, Ciena, Corvis, Cyras, DigitalThink, Infinera, MMC, NVIDIA, Redstone, Silicon Spice, Simplex Solutions, Tellium, Tivoli and WFI. Our investments have led to 25 IPOs and more than a dozen successful acquisitions.

We offer insight and expertise. Worldview’s partners bring diverse insights gained by years of experience as successful entrepreneurs, technology investors and executives in both start-ups and established firms. Our focused, long-term investment strategy in communications, semiconductor, Internet/digital media, wireless, enterprise infrastructure and software companies has helped us build deep technology and industry expertise.

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Mar, 2016$2.2M / Seed
May, 2012$8M / Series C
Feb, 2012$5M / Series C (Lead)
Aug, 2011$15M / Series D
Feb, 2010$4.5M / Series B
Nov, 2009$10M / Series B (Lead)
Oct, 2009$10M / Series D
Oct, 2009$25M / Series D
Sep, 2009$13M / Series C
Aug, 2009$30M / Venture
Jun, 2009$18.3M / Series D (Lead)
May, 2009$8.8M / Series D
Feb, 2009$14.4M / Series E
Sep, 2008$16M / Series C
May, 2008$29.2M / Series E
Apr, 2008$14.8M / Series F
Apr, 2008$4.5M / Venture
Mar, 2008$15M / Series B (Lead)
Feb, 2008$13.5M / Series D
Jan, 2008$21M / Series D
Dec, 2007$5M / Series C
Sep, 2007$40M / Series F
Aug, 2007$27M / Series E
Aug, 2007$30.3M / Series C
Jul, 2007$12M / Series D (Lead)
Jun, 2007$12M / Series B (Lead)
May, 2007$18.5M / Series C
Apr, 2007$8.5M / Series B
Apr, 2007$8.5M / Series B
Feb, 2007$12M / Series B (Lead) and
Feb, 2007$45M / Series C
Jan, 2007$15M / Series C
Dec, 2006$64M / Series F
Dec, 2006$18M / Series B
Nov, 2006$10M / Series B
Oct, 2006$15M / Series C
Sep, 2006$8M / Series C
Jun, 2006$10M / Series A (Lead)
Jun, 2006$6.8M / Series A (Lead)
Jun, 2006$1.5M / Venture

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  • Germany

    Frohnwiesen 9

    Roden, Saarland 97849


  • Tokyo

    16F, Shinjuku Mitsui #2 Building

    3-2-11 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku

    Tokyo, Tokyo 160-0023


  • HQ

    101 S. Ellsworth Avenue

    Suite 401

    San Mateo, California 94401

    United States

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