Acquired by on January 10, 2006
San Francisco, CA
Truveo is a video search engine acquired by AOL, providing various types of movies, TV shows, music and other related videos.

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Truveo is a video search engine acquired by AOL in January 2006.

Re-launched in August of the same year, it claims to have an edge over competitors in the field of online video websites. Founded by PhDs from MIT, Truveo tackles the very difficult problem of creating metadata from video; unlike text-based content, it is very difficult to determine context of video and audio content without a human to actually view it.

Truveo says it has a sharper focus on professional content: conduct a search, and commercially produced media is given priority over user-generated content. Truveo has also recently signed a deal with CBS to extend its video content capabilities to nearly 3 dozen of CBS's online radio websites.

Some (of the many) competitors include: YouTube, SlapVid, Vimeo, and VideoEgg.

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  • Truveo was launched in 2009

Competitors (7)

  • blinkx is an internet media company connecting online video viewers with content publishers and distributors.
  • CastTV, an internet video search and aggregation company, provides users with a daily catalogue of TV shows, movies and trending videos.
  • Dabble is a video search service that enables users to search over 2,000 video sources.
  • Pixsy is an image and video search engine that licenses its technology to external media sites. This company is unrelated to Pixsy Inc.
  • RAMP, a SaaS-based platform processing digital content, enables companies to drive increased discovery across search and social sites.
  • Veoh is an Internet TV service enabling viewers to discover, watch and personalize their online viewing experience.
  • YouTube, a video-sharing platform, allows users to upload, view and share videos, including movie and music clips and amateur content.

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  • Office

    333 Bush Street, 23rd Floor

    San Francisco, CA 94104


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