217 Investments in 148 Companies
1 IPO & 52 Acquisitions
Palo Alto, California
Funds Raised:
SaaS, Finance, Venture Capital
SoftTech VC is a micro venture capital firm backing early-stage start-ups.

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SoftTech VC is one of the original micro VC firms, founded in 2004 and backing over 150 early-stage start-ups. Based in Palo Alto, the firm manages two institutionally-backed funds and invests in Silicon Valley, New York, Southern California, Boulder and Canada. SoftTech VC is among the most active investors in early stage consumer Internet and B2B startups, consistently investing in 20 new opportunities a year. We seek great entrepreneurs, differentiated products and large market opportunities. More information available at www.softtechvc.com.

Founder and managing partner Jeff Clavier launched SoftTech VC in 2004, making the original 20+ investments (our non-traditional ‘Fund I’) as a business angel, investing his own capital, time and experience. As one of the original ‘super angels’ in the valley, Jeff developed SoftTech VC’s implementation of the micro-vc concept which has become so popular.

In 2007, the firm launched SoftTech VC II, a $15M seed fund focusing on the consumer Internet space, aiming at investing in 60+ companies over 3 years. In 2011, $55M SoftTech VC III fund made its debut and closed its 55 investments over the next three years. In 2014, $85M SoftTech VC IV launched to invest in 50+ companies. Firm principals have been involved in over 150 startups as investors, advisors or founders. SoftTech VC has seen 30+ exits, and its companies have raised over $2.0 B in follow-on financing.

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Sep, 2016$2.5M / Series A (Lead)
Sep, 2016$7M / Series A
Jul, 2016$30M / Series B
Jul, 2016undisclosed amount / Convertible Note
Jun, 2016$8M / Series A
Jun, 2016$9.5M / Series A
May, 2016$2.5M / Seed
May, 2016$3.25M / Seed (Lead)
May, 2016$9.2M / Series A
May, 2016$1.16M / Seed
May, 2016$2.5M / Seed
Apr, 2016$25M / Series D and
Mar, 2016$2.25M / Seed (Lead)
Mar, 2016$14M / Series B
Feb, 2016$3.5M / Seed (Lead)
Feb, 2016$17M / Series A
Feb, 2016$9M / Series A
Feb, 2016$1.71M / Venture (Lead)
Feb, 2016$2.93M / Seed
Jan, 2016$35M / Series C
Jan, 2016$40M / Series C
Oct, 2015undisclosed amount / Seed (Lead)
Oct, 2015undisclosed amount / Series A
Sep, 2015$3M / Seed (Lead)
Aug, 2015$45M / Series B
Aug, 2015undisclosed amount / Seed
Jul, 2015$2M / Seed (Lead)
Jun, 2015$2.6M / Venture (Lead)
May, 2015$2.1M / Seed
May, 2015$3.3M / Seed (Lead)
Apr, 2015$3M / Seed (Lead)
Apr, 2015$25M / Series C and
Apr, 2015$2M / Seed (Lead)
Mar, 2015$9M / Series A
Mar, 2015$38M / Series B
Mar, 2015$3.3M / Series A
Feb, 2015$35M / Series C
Feb, 2015$15M / Series B
Jan, 2015$2.5M / Venture
Jan, 2015$18M / Series B

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Funds (5)

Sep 18, 2007SoftTech VC II$12M
Jun 8, 2016SoftTech VC Plus$50M
Jul 14, 2013Fund IV$85M
Jan 26, 2012SoftTech VC III$55M
Jun 8, 2016SoftTech VC V$100M

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  • San Francisco Office

    500 2nd Street , Floor 3

    San Francisco, California 94107

    United States

  • Headquarters

    530 Lytton Ave, 2nd Floor

    Palo Alto, California 94301

    United States

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