Total Equity Funding
$10.61M in 3 Rounds
Most Recent Funding
$2.34M Angel on January 1, 2015
North Sydney, New South Wales
Australian based research and development company focused on Semantic Computing – the “holy grail” of artificial intelligence
Data Integration, Intelligent Systems, SaaS, Semantic Web, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Internet of Things

Company Details

December, 2008
Semantic Sowftare Asia Pacific, SSAP
11 - 50 | 10 in Crunchbase

Semantic Software is an Australian based research and development company focused on Semantic Computing – the “holy grail” of artificial intelligence. Semantic Computing provides computers with the ability to recognise both the context and meaning of data. While this allows computers to think and learn at a relatively basic level, they have the advantage that they can process massive amounts of data quickly. As the growth of “Big Data” generated by the Internet of Things continues to overwhelm enterprises ability to make use of the data, the need for a computer solution to understand the data in a human-like form has become recognised.

Semantic Software’s Platform encompasses the tools required to build a Semantic Computing solution with data connectivity and productivity suites. This unique platform of component technologies allows users to create semantically enriched data, collected from various data sources, that a computer can understand meaning and context of. This allows the computer it to do much of the heavy lifting of data analysis.

Organisations will benefit from this platform by utilising computer generated knowledge from active agents to allow researchers, analysts and management to make better quality decisions. The platform’s components can be deployed individually or as a fully integrated suite, either on premise or through a SaaS offering. To protect our technologies, Semantic Software has built a substantive patent portfolio since our founding in 2001.

Funding Rounds (3) - $10.61M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Jan, 2015$2.87M / Angel0
Jul, 2013$2M / Angel0
Jul, 2011$6M / Seed0

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Products (3)

  • Semantiro™ encompasses the functionality required to build a Semantic Computing solution provided within a number of specialised suites.
  • A suite of components to store, share, visualise and validate ontologies, and their content.
  • Suite of components which create, transform, query and manage semantic data

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News (3)

Sep 9, 2016semanticsoftware.com - Latest Press Release
Aug 29, 2016semanticsoftware.com - Whats On @ Semantic Software
Aug 17, 2016iswc2016.semanticweb.org - Come and join us in Kobe to hear

Competitors (4)

  • Franz Inc. provides Semantic Graph Database technologies and Common Lisp based enterprise development tools
  • MarkLogic is a software business that offers a NoSQL database, a platform for handling big data applications.
  • Ontotext is a technology company specializes in semantic platforms that identify meaning across unstructured data.
  • Smartlogic’s content intelligence platform unifies structured and unstructured information to improve enterprise information management.

Partners (2)

  • Amazon Web Services provides information technology infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web services.
  • Oracle is a computer technology corporation developing and marketing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products.

Offices/Locations (1)

  • Headquarters

    100 Miller St

    North Sydney, New South Wales 2060


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