Total Equity Funding
$4M in 1 Round from 4 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$3.36M Debt Financing on August 3, 2015
Atlanta, GA
Mobilewalla provides audience measurement and deep analytics services for mobile app consumers, developers and advertisers.
Analytics, Big Data, Mobile

Company Details


Mobilewalla is UNIQUE. What distinguishes Mobilewalla is its in-app audience targeting. At the core, Mobilewalla is a big data analytics company that provides demographic, behavioural and affinity profiles across 2M iOS and Android apps. Mobilewalla knows apps extremely well and are viewed as Comscore for the mobile app universe. Close to 100% of the industry follows the same approaches with the inevitable privacy, scale and fragmentation challenges. Mobilewalla however has a completely proprietary methodology to create audience segments which does not depend on device ID, fingerprinting or SDKs for data collection. 

Mobilewalla is DISRUPTIVE. Mobilewalla is the industry’s only demand platform that enables execution of mobile ad campaigns with “outcome guarantees” and complete transparency. And, optimizing by CTR audience and actions, Mobilewalla deliver's meaningful results while dramatically reducing waste. Mobilewalla's approach is not to buy the cheapest media to maximize CTR - like everyone else. Its bidding algorithms are optimized for audience and actions. Seeking quality inventory, not quantity, is what separates Mobilewalla from the status quo. With each campaign, Mobilewalla is changing the mobile ad industry's definitions of performance and efficiency.

Mobilewalla is SAFE. Mobilewalla ensures that brands and agencies maximize their ad spend ROI in brand-safe environments, accurately delivered to the target audience governed by the brands' audience requirements. Mobilewalla obtains detailed post-campaign audience verification while enjoying unrestricted visibility into how efficiently each campaign dollar was put to work. Mobilewalla will show each placement, and how every dollar is spent, to meet this objective. 

Mobilewalla GUARANTEES RESULTS. Mobilewalla offers performance guarantees!

Funding Rounds (3) - $8.36M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Aug, 2015$3.36M / Debt Financing0
May, 2014$1M / Debt Financing0
Jan, 2013$4M / Series A4

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  • Office

    03-20 Franklin 3,

    Science Park Drive

    Singapore, 118223


  • India Office

    Module -203 SDF Building Salt Lake, Sector-V

    West Bengal,

    Kolkata, West Bengal 700091


  • HQ

    2526 Mount Vernon Rd

    Ste B

    Atlanta, GA 30338-3049


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