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Growing companies are constantly balancing the issue of raising capital to fuel their expansion versus taking the dilution associated with

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August 24, 2004
Venture Capital that does Early Stage Venture, Later Stage Venture, and Debt Financing Investments
Mobile, Enterprise Software, Software
Canada United States

Growing companies are constantly balancing the issue of raising capital to fuel their expansion versus taking the dilution associated with raising additional capital. The problem is even more acute when runway extension can be the difference between meeting milestones and achieving an upround or not. MMV provides entrepreneurs with an alternative to address this problem. They have a range of creative debt financing approaches that enable a company to get the best of both worlds: additional capital with limited dilution.

A major benefit of MMV is that they deploy their capital quickly and efficiently. Their goal is to make the process as user friendly for their companies as possible. They believe that management time is better spent building their business rather than fundraising. What this means is that typically, upon signing a term sheet, they are able to complete a transaction and provide capital within four weeks. As well, they do not require board representation nor the renegotiation of the shareholder's agreement.

Another major advantage of MMV is that they do not require any financial covenants or guarantees from companies or management teams they provide capital to. This means as an entrepreneur, you get full access to their capital to grow your business, and don't have to worry about tripping a covenant and the resulting negative impact on your business.

They operate in the technology and life sciences sectors. Their key criteria being that a company has a proprietary product or process that is needed by its customers and clearly differentiates itself from its competitors. Within technology they have been most active in the software and communications arenas. Within life sciences they provide financing to both drug development companies and medical device companies.

They have financed a range of companies from those at the pre-product stage of their development to those with over $90 million in annual revenue. Their situations may be different but their underlying need for quick access to less dilutive capital is the same. For example, an early stage company may need additional runway to complete its product and start customer trials before going for its next round of financing. A later stage company may face a circumstance where the IPO window has closed and it needs additional working capital for expanding its business as it waits for the public markets to open. A publicly traded company may need access to capital to complete an acquisition but feels its stock price is depressed. Rather than undertake the time consuming process of completing a road show with institutions to raise additional equity, MMV can quickly provide less dilutive capital allowing management to remain focused on the business.

MMV Financial’s business is built on providing a range of creative financing solutions that allow growing companies fast and efficient access to additional capital with limited dilution.

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
May, 2011$2.5M / Debt Financing
Feb, 2011$3.5M / Venture (Lead)
Feb, 2011$3M / Venture
Feb, 2011$3M / Debt Financing
Jan, 2011$3M / Debt Financing
Dec, 2010$3M / Venture (Lead)
Nov, 2010$3M / Debt Financing
Nov, 2010$3M / Debt Financing
Sep, 2010$6.25M / Venture
Sep, 2010$8.75M / Debt Financing
Jun, 2010$4.5M / Series D (Lead)
Jan, 2010$3M / Debt Financing
Dec, 2009$2.5M / Venture (Lead)
Oct, 2009$4M / Debt Financing
Dec, 2008$10M / Debt Financing
Nov, 2008$14.5M / Series C
Oct, 2008$2.5M / Debt Financing (Lead)
Oct, 2008$7.4M / Venture (Lead)
Dec, 2007$17.5M / Series E
Dec, 2007$3M / Venture (Lead)
Oct, 2007$2M / Venture (Lead)
Jul, 2007$2.5M / Venture (Lead)
Jun, 2007$4M / Debt Financing
Oct, 2006$21.4M / Series D
Apr, 2005$10M / Series B
Apr, 2005$2.5M / Venture (Lead)

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  • New York

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    United States

  • Montreal, QC

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