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LiveHit is a core social discovery service built upon the foundation of real-time data intelligence, enabling Partners to track and manage how users are interacting with popular content and any live event on their site live in the moment

LiveHit helps Partners gather, analyze, comprehend, and act upon real-time data analytics about any event-driven interaction within their site in the moment it is happening. Most Publishers have trouble guiding their traffic to the most valuable areas of their sites, and consequently cannot maximize their users' life-time value. LiveHit helps drive users to the most popular site pages Publisher have to offer, and then can increase ROI by monetizing those users once they get there. Partners connect their users with who's hot and what's hot across their site in real-time. LiveHit's platform provides both backend real-time data analytics and frontend LiveMaps based on user interactions within Partner sites. This actionable data enables automated editorial programming, shows how users are concurrently consuming content, and gives insight into user and site usage patterns — all in real-time to provide immediate results. These results include the reduction of editorial programming costs, and the ability for marketers to extend reach and relevance through increased response rates of social media marketing programs and ad-targeting. The end result is a more relevant social discovery and analytical service that drives distribution, engagement, and monetization for partners while providing a core discovery service for end-users.

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