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In the second year of studies at the Faculty of Geography of the BSU (Belarusian State University — OneSoil), I already began to apply my knowledge of geoinformatics in agriculture. Soon after, I threw myself in it. After university, I went on an internship in Germany, Slovakia, and Vietnam. Currently, I am completing postgraduate studies at the

Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry at The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

I like that at OneSoil we make an innovative product. The first serious research in this field only began in the late 2000s. The answers to many questions have yet to be found. We are one of the first companies in Eastern Europe that are seriously developing methods of precision farming. The main challenge for me is to make a system that will be really useful for the clients. I would like the company to reach a point when OneSoil products are being used by millions of farmers around the world.


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Usevalad Henin is the GIS Analyst & Co-Founder at OneSoil.

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