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March 21, 1974

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STEPHAN PATERNOT is co-founder and Chairman of Slated, an exclusive online film finance marketplace. Stephan is also co-founder and Chairman of PalmStar Entertainment. Founded in 2004, the film production company specializes in literary adaptations and true stories. Stephan is also the founder and general partner of the Actarus Funds. Founded in 2002, these angel investor funds provide seed capital to Internet start-ups. Prior to this he cofounded one of the first Internet community sites, theglobe.com in 1994. The company set stock market history when it went public in 1998 with a record setting IPO pushing the company valuation to over $1 Billion. Over a six-year span the company grew to over 300 employees with the website becoming one of the top thirty most trafficked sites in the world with nearly 10% of all internet users visiting the site monthly. In 1999 Stephan won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and in 2001 published “A Very Public Offering”, a non-fiction business book detailing his experience at theglobe.com. Before founding the company Stephan attended Cornell University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Stephan grew up in Switzerland and the United Kingdom before attending college in the United States.

Beyond his duties at the Actarus Funds, Stephan sits on the board of the Heineman Foundation, based in New York, and on the board of it’s sister organization the Heineman-Stiftung, based in Berlin. The aims of the foundations are to give financial support to educational, artistic, cause based and scientific non-for profit institutions. Stephan also sits on the board of the Independent Filmmaker Project IFP.org, the largest national non-for profit organization dedicated to supporting independent filmmakers. Stephan resides between New York City and Los Angeles.

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