Robert Boock


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Robert Boock


CB Rank (Person) 216,353

Dr. Robert Boock is CEO/CTO of Glucovation.Dr. Boock previously served as the Senior Technical Director of Research and Development at Dexcom. He was responsible at Dexcom for managing all long-term research including technology for their future generation sensor products.

He was responsible for development of materials for Dexcom’s SEVEN PLUS and invented the entire G4 PLATINUM sensor and led its development and commercialization.

He has over 20 years of medical device industrial experience and is an expert in materials and device/tissue interface and has invented and launched successful commercial products in numerous fields.

Dr. Boock received his Doctorate in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania. He holds more than 44 patents and over 100 pending patents as well as having more than 25 peer reviewed journal articles.

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Robert Boock has had 2 past jobs including CEO & CTO at Glucovation.Robert Boock studied at University of Pennsylvania.
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