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CB Rank (Person) 67,583

As COO, Nick keeps the company on course ensuring that the technology platform delivers, the system implementation serves the unique needs of the business, and that the organization is allocating its resources as effectively as possible. He is a true information technology entrepreneur and has helped change the way scores of Global 1000 companies

view and manage their IT organizations. Prior to co-founding Renovate America, Nick was the co-founder of Kintana, the company that commercialized the space of IT Governance to many of the world’s largest organizations. In 2003, Kintana was acquired by Mercury Interactive for $225 million. Nick received a BS in Applied Math/Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University, paying his way through college as a software developer for DataWorks, Inc., which he co-founded in Pittsburgh, PA.


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Nick Fergis is the Co-Founder & COO at Renovate America.

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Nick Fergis studied at Carnegie Mellon University.

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