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Krishna Gupta is a former musician, dedicated entrepreneur,current CEO of Sortfolio and cofounder of BeanGenius. His innate leadership skills were exposed during freshman year when Krishna started providing micro-loans at the early age of thirteen. Krishna has come an exceedingly long way since his adolescent business endeavors, and has inflated his early discovered entrepreneurial spirit by gaining significant business experience in a variety of diverse industries. He has exposed himself to operations, hotel management, founding a real estate investment firm, fashion and music. Krishna's dynamic work experience highlights both his commitment to his passion for business and also his ability to embrace new ideas. Before Krishna was immersed into the start-up world with BeanGenius and Sortfolio, he was lead guitar player for a hard rock band.

Much of Krishna's success with Sortfolio and BeanGenius can be credited to his open-minded impartiality combined with his appreciation for creativity. His ability to not limit himself to a single industry while entertaining new opportunities serves as a catalyst for many of Krishna's brilliant ideas and endeavors. Krishna graduated with honors from UCLA with an MBA.

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