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John combines creativity with technology in novel ways.

John designed and developed AVX, the real-time audio-video engine for Myspace Karaoke. Written in C/C++ and running in all majors browsers for PC and Mac, AVX is used by millions of singers and provides live, real-time vocal effects and keychange along with pro-audio quality and HD video.

John also designed and developed Mikksu, a video mixing feature which allows users to sing duets, trios, & quartets with high-quality audio mixing and video compositing. Celebrity Mikksu allows users to sing duets with celebrity singers.

On the purely creative side, John directed, shot, and edited video works used for major advertising campaigns used by Microsoft and Myspace.

At Brightland Corporation, John designed and developed Amazing Curves Racing (ACR), an online multiplayer racing simulation service. ACR is unique in that the tire physics interact with 3D cubic polynomial curved surfaces, providing high-speed handling stability and feel not possible with polygon or other discontinuous methods. The custom physics engine is specifically designed to hide network lag at 300ms pings and beyond. This allows vehicles and objects to interact during online play so that interaction appears local and instantaneous, without the typical network delay side effects.

John also worked on many stereoscopic 3D projects, including managing the porting of Quake to stereoscopic 3D for H3D. In August, 2000, John created Akumira to solve the problem with color anaglyph. Akumira provides a means to process any full color stereo pair into a single color anaglyph which provides maximum color perception while at the same time minimizing eyestrain.

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Sr. Principal Software Architect

Sep 15, 2006 - Current   (about 10 years)

President & CEO

1997 - Current   (almost 20 years)

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