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Daniel is an internationally recognized technology pioneer with a rich background in home entertainment, consumer electronics, mobile and Internet services.

Currently Daniel is working on Mobile Maps at Google. He originally joined Google in 2011 in an entrepreneurial role at Google’s Mobile Apps Lab.

Prior to Google, Daniel was CEO of Kyte, which was founded in 2005. Over 5 years Kyte has become a leading video platform for live and on-demand content. While the Kyte platform is very versatile, it is especially known for being a pioneer in mobile and social video. Kyte was acquired by IP Video leader KIT Digital in 2011.

Before Kyte, Daniel worked in the world of converging media consumer products. In 2001, Daniel joined Philips Consumer Electronics where he developed several world premieres in the field of consumer electronics converging with Internet services, such as the world’s first Internet Audio stereo system and the first wireless Home Entertainment System with Internet video services.

In 1999 and 2000 he was instrumental as Chief Software Engineer in the build-up of ReQuest Multimedia, an award-winning Consumer Electronics Startup Company, based in New York. There he created the world’s first MP3 Hard Disk Jukebox, the predecessor to Apple’s “iPod”. It took the team 11 months from product idea to market. ReQuest Multimedia is running a successful business up to this day.

Before ReQuest Multimedia, Daniel worked at several other companies in the field of software and electronics. Daniel has earned several awards, including the “Top 100 Swiss People of the Year 2000” award, a list of Switzerland’s most outstanding achievers, awarded by Sonntagszeitung. He earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Interstate College of Engineering (NTB), Switzerland, and an MS in Computer and Systems Engineering from RPI, Troy NY.

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May 1, 2014
Dec 5, 2014
Vice President of Product
Apr 1, 2012
Oct 1, 2012
Director, Google Maps
Jul 1, 2005
Jan 31, 2011
CEO and co-founder

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