Acquired by on December 15, 2011
Total Equity Funding
$55.2M in 4 Rounds from 7 Investors
San Mateo, California
Zvents creates and operates local entertainment guides online.
Restaurants, Social Media, Ticketing, Nightlife, Media and Entertainment, Concerts, Events

Company Details

March 1, 2005
3 in Crunchbase

Zvents is a leading producer of local entertainment guides online, helping more than 12 million monthly users find fun and interesting things to do in their local area, and helping thousands of event advertisers increase attendance at their events.

More than 15,000 event advertisers work with Zvents every month to promote a wide range of local events and activities, including live music, performing arts, sporting events and community activities.

The company was founded in March 2005 to help people discover events in the Bay Area, but has since expanded to include information about events across most cities in the US, as well as events in the UK, Canada and Ireland. The Zvents Network includes more than 290 media sites, including leading local sites like SFGate.com, the San Jose Mercury News, Boston Globe, Denver Post, Dallas Morning News as well as large national partners like Bing, MSN.com and YP.com.

Key differentiators for the business are their large network of media partners, a unique and powerful time-based local search technology, and a vibrant community of content contributors across all markets and event categories.

Traffic from the Zvents Media Network has nearly doubled in the last 12 months according to Quantcast http://www.quantcast.com/p-54UqpxMM201CU.

Funding Rounds (4) - $55.2M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Sep, 2011$24M / Series C1
Sep, 2008$24M / Series B5
Nov, 2006$7M / Series A3
Oct, 2005$200k / Seed2

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Products (2)

  • HyperTable was added to CrunchBase in 2008
  • Zvents allows people to find out about local events going on in a particular metro-area. It acts as a search engine (searchable by event,

News (59)

Oct 22, 2015airbnbcelebratesstatenisland.splashthat.com - Airbnb Celebrates Staten Island
Oct 22, 2015airbnbcelebratesbrooklyn.splashthat.com - Airbnb Celebrates Brooklyn
Jun 15, 2013TechCrunch - The Curse Of The Network Effect
Jun 8, 2012TechCrunch - Eventster Brings Crowdsourced Event Discovery To iPhone & iPad
Apr 29, 2012Venture Beat - Ebay-owned StubHub acquires Zvents for event listings
Sep 22, 2011TechCrunch - Fampus Launches Social Events Site For Universities
Aug 22, 2010Mashable - Beyond Foursquare: 5 Location-Based Apps for Your Small Business
Jul 9, 2010Gigaom - Who Will Google Buy Next for Structured Data?

Competitors (7)

  • Hyper-local event listing platform for media companies.
  • Eventful is a digital media company that powers the online ecosystem of local events and entertainment.
  • Going is a site that lets users connect with other event-goers before, during and after events.
  • Setlist.fm enables users to collect, add, edit, search and share setlists and embed them into websites.
  • Socializr is an online social network that allows users to share events with their friends and send them invitations to these events.
  • Event Engine - Integrated Solutions for Event Makers
  • Yelp operates an online platform that connects people with local businesses.

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  • Office

    1875 South Grant Street

    Suite 800

    San Mateo, California

    United States

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