Edmonton, Alberta
Zigtag is an intelligent social bookmarking and tagging tool for web site users.
Web Development, Advertising, Semantic Web, Social Bookmarking

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Zigtag is an intelligent, semantic, social bookmarking service. The Zigtag sidebar provides both an intuitive way of tagging web pages (using descriptive words or phrases) and a user-friendly way of quickly retrieving tagged pages.

Users tag web pages with semantic tags (tags which have definitions) e.g. if you tag a page with "Apple" you can choose "Apple (computer company)", "Apple (fruit)", "Apple (record label)" etc. Pages can be retrieved using any of the tags which were previously entered or using synonyms for those tags, e.g. a page tagged with "Car" can be retrieved by searching for pages tagged with "Car" or "Automobile" (Zigtag understands Car and Automobile are the same). This allows you to: * Keep your tag space organized — you don't end up with "New_York," "New-York" and "NewYork" — Zigtag has only one "New York (the city)" (although you can search for using "NY," "NYC" or even "Big Apple") * Search for your bookmarks quickly and efficiently — the type-ahead helps you choose from tags you've used and also shows their definitions * Find what others have tagged effectively — no confusion between "Stock (soup base)," "Stock (equities)" or "Stock (inventory)"

Zigtag also has a major social networking component; you can see what your friends are tagging and create and join special interest groups. The sidebar notifies you when your friends tag something new, and a news feed allows you to see what your friends are tagging at a glance. It's kind of a "personal Digg"—your friends' interesting sites are likely to be interesting to you. Zigtag groups form the focal point for collaboration and a central gathering point for people with shared interests.

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Dec 29, 2008CNet - Daily Tidbits: Delicious gets some 'intelligent' competition - CNET
May 5, 2008TechCrunch - Tagging Goes Semantic With Zigtag
May 5, 2008TechCrunch - Tagging Goes Semantic With Zigtag
Aug 15, 2006Wired News - Tech, Eh.
Mar 4, 2006TechCrunch - Zigtag's Personal Knowledge Library
Mar 4, 2006TechCrunch - Zigtag’s Personal Knowledge Library

Competitors (3)

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  • Delicious is a social bookmarking website to save, organize and discover links on the web.
  • Ma.Gnolia is an online social bookmarking community that offers open source bookmarking, public bookmark viewing, and more for its users.

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    #206 - 9650 - 20 Avenue T6N 1G1

    Edmonton, Alberta T6E 6V7


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