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Chantilly, Virginia
AnalytiX DS-Unified Platform, our flagship product, is an all-in-one platform designed to govern the enterprisedatamapping & codeautomation

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AnalytiX Data Services award-winning international software and technology services company specializing in the development of ‘agile tools’ for the data integration industry which automate manual processes and enable organizations to accelerate delivery and operate more efficiently while lowering costs of delivery.

AnalytiX DS-Unified Platform, our flagship product, is an all-in-one platform designed to govern the enterprise data mapping life-cycle process and a code automation platform designed to automate manual processes and truly accelerate the delivery of integration projects.

Metadata Management (Mapping Manager): Universal Platform for scanning, consolidating and managing Metadata across the organization.

Enterprise Data Mapping (Mapping Manager): Scan, Drag, Drop, Build and version data mappings across the life-cycle processes. Export Mappings and Auto-generate ETL jobs for leading ETL tool providers.

Reference Data Manager (RDM): Govern user defined reference data and code-sets in a single platform and link to requirements and data mappings.

Release Manager (ARM): Create, validate and manage Releases, release Calendars and release artefacts such as ETL Jobs and Mappings in a unified platform across the SDLC.

Test Case Manager (TCM): Test Manager enables Test Cases and Test SQL generation to be managed in a purpose built module for testing data mappings and ETL processes. Automation CATS enable immediately creation of Test Cases and TEST SQL.

Code-Automation Templates for Data Vault (DV-CATs): Code automation Templates (CAT’s) are pre-built to automate the code-generation for the Data Vault Rapid EDW methodology for Stage, HUB, LINK, Satellites and Data Marts.

Code Automation Template Framework (CATfX): The integration Industry’s first Automation Platform for Data Integration Professionals. CATfX Defines Work Smarter. Save Big. Auto-generate ETL Jobs, Build Custom Adaptors and Connectors to anything, Scan Metadata and Generate code for anything.

LiteSpeed Conversion (ALC): The integration industry’s first ETL Conversion platform enabling a fast and automated way of converting from customer legacy ETL tools to another ETL Platform.

Data Quality Assessment Manager (DQAM): Data Quality Assessment Manager helps in standardizing and executing a formal data quality assessment methodology, manage data quality issues to resolution, Schedule the automated assessment of the objects & more.

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  • AnalytiX DS

    7161 Bishop Rd, Suite G300

    Plano, Texas 75024

    United States

  • AnalytiX DS

    14175 Sullyfield circle suite #500

    Chantilly, Virginia 20151

    United States

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