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wesrch.com is a professional networking site for individuals in the Green Tech, High Tech and Medical industries. Members can collaborate on the latest industry technologies, news, research, conferences, and more.

We provide a place for researchers, scientists, doctors, engineers, and their colleagues to share and collaborate on their research findings with colleagues and peers. Members can form communities, publicize conferences and run surveys. Members can also create personal profiles and network with their peers.

With weSRCH.com, you can: -Post technical papers and abstracts quickly, with minimal review to protect intellectual property rights. -Sell your recent and past reports, or post them to share with the community for free -Keep all rights to your posting, and republish it anywhere. -Establish instant priority & precedence for your ideas, thoughts, and IP – no waiting to publish for 6 months, fearing all the time that a peer with early access may scoop you. Your claim to priority is instantaneous and then peers can review it. -Receive and perform peer reviews. Any user can give feedback on your technical articles or on your work – and you can do the same with others' postings. -Use our sorting and search engines to quickly find the most relevant papers and news for your areas of interest. -Save your searches and make them dynamic with daily e-mail alerts. -Create your own personal on-line library that is accessible from any place were there is an Internet connection. -Upload and host your own conference for free. -Run your own surveys or ask our members a question for free.

weSRCH is unique because it provides an open forum for sharing technical ideas, company news, and personal opinions. It is about forming communities of researchers, enabling open conversations among like-minded professionals anywhere in the world.

weSRCH is different from other social networking sites because it fosters innovation. It is a place for researchers to share their ideas and opinions within a fine tuned community

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