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Total Equity Funding
$21M in 2 Rounds from 3 Investors
Westford, Massachusetts
Virtual Computer provides intelligent desktop virtualization solutions.
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Virtual Computer is a venture-backed software company in the Boston area that develops intelligent desktop virtualization solutions. It’s flagship product, NxTop, combines centralized management with local execution on an enhanced Xen-based type-1 hypervisor that runs directly on end-user devices, delivering native performance and mobility. By running the workload on the PC, Virtual Computer enables companies to have centralized management without servers, storage, and networking required for server-hosted VDI. The technology supports shared image management, enabling an IT professional to manage thousands of desktops and laptops the same way that they would manage one.

In March 2011, Virtual Computer announced its collaboration with Lenovo to optimize Virtual Computer’s NxTop client virtualization and management solution on Lenovo's business-oriented systems. These include select models of Lenovo's ThinkCentre A and M series desktops and ThinkPad T and X series laptops.

Centralized Virtual Desktop Management One-to-many Provisioning. NxTop provides a central console for all desktop management activities. IT teams create and maintain a single virtual machine per operating system that can be published to thousands of users. User-specific personality, data, settings and applications are applied dynamically at each endpoint.

Scalable Patching with Rollback. Patches and updates are applied on a one-to-many basis. The IT administrator applies patches once to a master virtual machine. Upon republishing, the changed data is streamed to NxTop PCs running the virtual machine. A patched image is assembled in the background and transparently loaded on the next reboot. IT can also easily rollback a patch.

Integrated Security AES-256 Disk Encryption. All virtual machine and system data on NxTop- enabled PCs can be encrypted, providing peace of a mind in the event that a PC containing sensitive data is lost or stolen.

Policy Controls. IT administrators can protect against data leakage and unauthorized use through a robust set of policy controls. Access to hardware such as USB ports and network interfaces can be restricted or filtered based on centrally defined policies at global, group, and individual-user levels. Virtual machines can be governed by time-based expiration policies and on-demand remote disablement.

Remote Termination with Data Destruction. As an added layer of security, IT administrators can flag lost PCs for remote termination. If a lost or stolen PC connects to a network, it is directed to digitally shred all data and encryption keys, then self- destruct.

Hassle-Free Data Backup and Restore Transparent Data Protection. Based on centrally defined policies, NxTop periodically initiates data backup with no end-user interaction required.

Efficient Data Transmission. NxTop backup technology captures changes at the block level, transmitting only the blocks that have changed to NxTop Center.

Advanced Management for Distributed Organizations Intelligent Remote Office Caching. Downstream management servers may be deployed at remote offices to intelligently cache and distribute updates for more efficient bandwidth utilization.

Local Backup Storage. User data backups may be localized at remote offices, speeding system recovery and avoiding unnecessary strain on wide area network links.

Remote Helpdesk. Simply enable remote support from the NxTop Center console for immediate remote PC control – even in the event of a catastrophic operating system failure such as a Windows “blue screen of death.”

Funding Rounds (2) - $21M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Jan, 2009$15M / Series B3
Sep, 2008$6M / Series A2

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  • Desktop virtualization solutions
  • VMware is a software company providing cloud and virtualization services.
  • Wanova provides desktop virtualization solutions that enable companies to manage, support and secure their desktops and laptops.

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    Primrose Park 3 LAN Drive

    Suite 300

    Westford, Massachusetts 01886

    United States

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