The Trayton Group specialised in upholstered furniture.
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Founded by Danishman Simon Lichtenberg in 1995, the Trayton Group’s main headquarters and manufacturing plant is in China, in the major city of Shanghai. Other factories are located in Zhejiang Jiashan. The Group also owns stores in 10 other cities around China. Sales and Marketing is run from the U.S. The company has over 2,000 people and over $150 million of annual revenue. The Group's furniture products are conceived to enhance the lifestyle of its owner and their surroundings. The idea is remain cost effective, while keeping quality high.

Simon Lichtenberg made the move to China from Denmark in 1987. After attending Fudan university, where he earned a Chinese Languages degree, Simon set up a furniture business. He bought timber from the local suppliers, which was transformed into furniture. Simon was presented with the Magnolia Silver award for helping to develop Shanghai, and part of the Senior Executive Program for China.

The Trayton Group has the main brand, its top-range Simon Li, launched in 2005, andthe Simon Li range in very sought after in North America.

Trayton has struck up joint venture partnerships with 2 major firms based in Denmark, BoConcept and Kvadrat. BoConcept are a big company, with over 300 stores in 50 countries. Kvadrat products have been used in the offices of Skype and Microsoft.

An important member of Global Compact since 2007, the Trayton Group set up the Trayton foundation in 2009. This foundation was put in place to provide assistance to employees and their families, among other groups.

Aware of climate change, Trayton installed solar road lights in the Shanghai factory in 2011, and a roof-top solar panel in the Jiashan plant to reduce its electricity consumption in 2012.

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  • Headquarters

    No.1999 Lianyou Road

    Minhang, 201107


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