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San Rafael, CA
ToonsTunes is an online virtual community enabling children to create and share music.
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ToonsTunes the first virtual community for kids to create and share music. Featuring an online recording studio and performance venues, ToonsTunes offers a virtual playground for musical geniuses, or those who aspire to be one. Kids can mix-and-match pre-recorded music loops, pick musical instruments, genres and tempos, and put them together to create completely original mixes. Combine grunge guitar, with punk drums, a reggae base and even add your own recorded lyrics. Then, perform songs for friends on a concert stage, play as background music in your personal pod, or put songs on your iPhone.

The ToonsTunes universe is a Space Station occupied by player-controlled avatars, a friendly species of alien, as well as other congenial pets. Make music on ToonsTunes • Click the map to enter the recording studio; Make a song with Mix-O-Matic • Mix-and-match from over 5,000 music loops, created by ToonsTune’s professional artists: o Instruments - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard o Beats – Including dozens of additional instruments o Genres - Rock, Punk, Pop, Hip Hop, Reggae, Metal, Funk, Blues, Country, Latin o Tempos - Fast, Medium, Slow • Write your own lyrics and sing along to your own song by recording your voice using your computer’s microphone • Share songs with friends and parents using the share button that links to email, Facebook, Twitter, streaming on your iPhone, ringtones, or MP3 downloads

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    3095 Kerner Blvd., Suite S

    San Rafael, CA 94901


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