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New York, New York
Time To Know offers an array of products that provide for end-to-end Ed-Tech solutions, for more effective teaching and learning.
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Time To Know is a leader and pioneer in the Ed-Tech industry. We partner with educational organizations to bring the best-of-breed digital technology solutions to learners worldwide. Our array of products provide for end-to-end solutions that have been successfully implemented across the globe, enabling our partners to boost the educational efficacy of teachers and students. Our mission is to inspire millions of people all over the world to fulfill their personal potential through exciting education technologies. We are innovators, and we are invested in bringing educators the most advanced solutions for any digital learning environment.

At Time To Know, our smart solutions are powered by technological expertise and years of pedagogical know-how in e-learning processes. Open-architecture products and a wide range of digital tools enable tailored solutions, for more effective learning programs. Our data-driven teaching and learning capabilities—via real time analytics and reports—provide 360 degree insight to teachers, students, parents and administrators about students’ progress and performance at any time. This results in ongoing improvement for both learners and learning programs.

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Time To Know is a privately held company with offices in New York, Europe, and Tel Aviv. Time To Know has 120 employees in R&D, Product, Business Development, Field Implementation and Support. The Time To Know solutions have been successfully implemented in hundreds of sites across the globe.

The company has a solid foundation that includes R&D and Product teams, with strong development and programming abilities. Our human capital includes an award winning pedagogical and research team, as well as highly experienced instructional designers. With more than a decade of experience, we are experts in implementing pedagogical technologies, bringing innovative and robust solutions to the ed-tech market. Time To Know has been praised by top educators globally as the leading educational platform to support effective learning as well as development of key 21st century skills.

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  • Time To Know

    655 Third Avenue

    21st Floor

    New York, New York 10017

    United States

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