Most Recent Funding
$64k Debt Financing on June 1, 2017
Mckinney, Texas
ThynkWare provides a thought-to-control layer for your everyday devices. We feel this will change the way we will do computing.
Consumer Electronics, Enterprise Software, Innovation Management

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ThynkWare Innovation, Inc. creates mind-driven solutions to control smartphones, TVs, robots, toys, homes and other consumer electronics by translating thoughts into speech or actions. Based in McKinney, Texas, ThynkWare Innovation, Inc. is seeking new investors and will use new funding to develop its corporate infrastructure, expand its product offerings, personnel, and strategic partnering to reach a more global audience.

ThynkWare provides a thought-to-control layer for your everyday devices. Built upon a Patent Pending technology for a mind-controlled virtual assistant on a smartphone device, we have created a new BCI (brain-computer interface) that changes the way we will do computing.

ThynkWare provides the interface layer between your brain and your devices. With ThynkWare, anyone can use their thoughts to control their smartphones, tablets, clothing, home, office, tv, robots, plants, clothing. ThynkWare creates a new way of computing by allowing everyone to "thynk" to interact with devices, social networks, and other people. The ThynkWare interface is the next step in computing following the invention of the mouse and personal computer.

Funding Rounds (1) - $64k

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Jun, 2017$64k / Debt Financing0

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  • ThynkBot enables you to control robot toys and equipment with your thoughts.
  • Thynk Car allows you to control your vehicle locks, doors, climate, infotainment and other connected technology.
  • "Thynk" to the ThynkWare Assistant to make phone calls, play music, search the web, open email, play videos, get weather or just talk.
  • ThynkWare Home will take advantage of Apple's new HomeKit and other kits so you can control your home with your mind.
  • ThynkWare MindCall allows you to make phone calls from your iPhone with your mind. Just "thynk" the number or contact to initiate the call.
  • ThynkWare Office allows you to use your mind to control your office software such as word processing and calendars.
  • ThynkWare Outbound Telepathy is the highest form of communication between two or more people. Use your thoughts to communicate with friends.
  • ThynkWare Speech helps people with ALS, Locked-In Syndrome and other challenges translate thought to speech to communicate basic needs.

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  • Headquarters

    2404 Lakeview Circle,

    Mckinney, Texas 75070

    United States

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