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Total Equity Funding
$4.17M in 1 Round from 1 Investor
Toronto, Ontario
Thoora is a service enabling people to find, curate and publish content on the web.

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Founded in 2008, Thoora is a service that helps people find, curate, and publish beautiful, naturally search-friendly, automatically updating content on the web.

Thoora was created after founders Chul Lee, Kyu Lee and Byron Ma realized there wasn't a service to effectively aggregate traditional and social media content into a single source. The Thoora engine was based on this premise, and has been refined over the last two years to take that idea a step further: to not just aggregate content, but to discover, rate and deliver the highest-quality, most trusted and relevant content. Thoora explores the entire blogosphere, Twitter, Facebook, other social media apps, and thousands of traditional media sources; and then uses over 100 signals to filter, rank, and deliver that content to our users for their curation.

Thoora's secret sauce is its unique combination of human and machine. While our aggregation algorithms deliver quality content, we then put our users in the driver's seat, giving them the tools to refine, re-order, re-rank, and prioritize the content. The result? Human-curated, topical pages that are always fresh and relevant.

Thoora works as well for businesses and publishers as it does for consumers. Businesses can use it to quickly produce high quality, SEO-friendly vertical content on a broad scale. Consumers can use it to create and share pages on the topics they are passionate about.

Thoora evolved from a research project to a company in 2008 after it agreed to collaborate with Rogers Ventures, which also became an investor. Thoora is currently pushing the envelope by looking at how to intelligently learn from the curation experience to provide better aggregation tools.

The company is based in Toronto, Canada.

Funding Rounds (1) - $4.17M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Mar, 2008$4.1M / Seed1

Investors (1)


Competitors (6)

  • Alltop categorizes all the top headlines from popular topics around the web.
  • Blogrunner is a news aggregator from The New York Times that monitors articles and blog posts and tracks news stories as they develop
  • Daylife is a cloud-based media platform offering digital media management tools and content feeds to publishers and brand marketers.
  • Evri is a news reading platform that offers a personalized and topic-based approach to news aggregation.
  • Newsvine, a community-driven news website, provides content from mainstream sources and enables members to publish articles and interact.
  • Topix is a news community connecting people to information and discussions that matter to them in U.S. towns and cities.

Offices/Locations (1)

  • Toronto, ON, Canada

    350 Bloor Street East

    Toronto, Ontario M4W 0A1


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