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Total Funding Amount $65M
CB Rank (Company) 3,644
THINCI is an innovative computing platforms company that develops products for artificial intelligence and vision processing markets.
Categories  Consumer, Information Technology, Service IndustryHeadquarters Regions  West Coast, Western USFounded Date 2010Founders  Ke YinOperating Status ActiveFunding Status Late Stage VentureLast Funding Type Series CNumber of Employees 11-50Legal Name Thinci Inc.
IPO Status PrivateCompany Type For Profit
Website Facebook  View on Facebook Twitter  View on Twitter Phone Number 916-608-8963

THINCI is an innovative computing platforms company that develops products for artificial intelligence and vision processing markets.

THINCI is created to meet growing consumer demands for new interactive products. The company innovates and patents a set of remarkable new technologies that brings unheard-of Vision Processing to all types of consumer devices. Next generation products require 10x-100x more performance and longer battery life - and THINCI is poised to meet those needs. These innovations will delight end-users around the world, and significantly benefit those companies that embrace THINCI's game-changing advancements.

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Funding Rounds

Number of Funding Rounds 2
Total Funding Amount $65M
THINCI has raised a total of $65M in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Sep 5, 2018 from a Series C round.
Announced Date  
Transaction Name  
Number of Investors  
Money Raised  
Lead Investors  
Sep 5, 2018
Series C - THINCI
5$65M Denso, Temasek Holdings
Oct 7, 2016
Venture Round - THINCI
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Number of Lead Investors 2
Number of Investors 6
THINCI is funded by 6 investors. Wavemaker Partners and Temasek Holdings are the most recent investors.

Company Tech Stack by Siftery

THINCI uses 12 technology products and services including Google AnalyticsVimeo, and Google Tag Manager.

Website Tech Stack by BuiltWith

THINCI is actively using 34 technologies for its website. These include Viewport MetaIPhone / Mobile Compatible, and SSL by Default.

Web Traffic by SimilarWeb

THINCI is ranked 2,982,501 among websites globally based on its 4,536 monthly web visitors.

Patents and Trademarks by IPqwery

The intellectual property of THINCI includes 5 registered patents primarily in the 'Computing; Calculating' category. Additionally, THINCI has 1 registered trademark in the 'Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments' class.

Interest Signals by Bombora

THINCI employees are showing high interest in Configuration FilesSPARQL, and Apache HBase.

Competitors & Revenue by Owler

THINCI has $8.1M in estimated revenue annually. THINCI competes with GraphcoreFotoNation, and Prodrive Technologies.

IT Spend by Aberdeen

This year, THINCI is projected to spend $10 on IT.

Post-Money Valuation Data by PrivCo

THINCI has a post-money valuation in the range of $100M to $500M as of Sep 5, 2018 according to PrivCo. Sign up for a free trial to view exact valuation and search companies with similar valuations.

Current Team

Number of Current Team Members 7
THINCI has 7 current team members, including CEO Dinakar Munagala.
Ke Yin
Vp Engineering, Co-Founder
Val Cook
Chief Software Architect
Richard Terrill
VP Operations
Santiago Fernandez-Gomez
Vice President of Platform Engineerin
Anudeep cherlapally
Senior Design Engineer

Board Members and Advisors

Number of Board Members / Advisors 3
THINCI has 3 board members and advisors, including Tony Cannestra.
Tony Cannestra
Board Member
Ke Yin
Board Member
Dado Banatao
Board Member

Recent News & Activity

Number of Articles 2

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