Nashville, Tennessee
The Outset Group specializes in Project Management, Business Analysis, Agile, and Leadership through Training, Consulting, and Staffing .
Employment, Health Care, Recruiting, Consulting, Corporate Training, Project Management, Information Technology, Training

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The Outset Group services maximize ROI in four essential areas of business: Project Management, Business Analysis, Agile, and leadership.

We deliver this expertise to some of the world’s largest and most influential corporations, universities, and government agencies via consulting, training, and contract staffing.

• Our customers look to us for training that delivers business value, immediate and long-term. Our students appreciate that we teach with a flair for the dramatic and a strong preference for hands-on learning.

• After more than two decades in the PM and BA contracting field, we know how to recruit, place, and support top-flight talent. We maintain an extensive database of currently available contractors. If we do not have the right person in our database, we will find them for you in short order.

• The Outset consulting model is to engage your people in an intelligent, creative, realistic, fact-based team effort to solve problems, manage change, and generate greater ROI from projects.

Offices/Locations (2)

  • Minnesota Office

    P.O. Box 26643

    Minneapolis, MN 55426


  • Outset

    PO Box 120205

    Nashville, Tennessee 37212

    United States

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