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Tgethr is a group email collaboration product. Tgethr allows people to write to one email address instead of a group, increase email security, image thumbnail support, CC: and BCC: a group, among other things.

Tgethr is a subsidiary of Inkling.

Tgethr provides: * Provides a single email address for your group: [email protected] Anyone in the group can email that address and the whole group gets a copy and can reply from their email clients or on the web. (Admit it, often we are too lazy to type in the 5 or so email addresses of our immediate family to share even mundane news they would actually love to hear about. I know I am.)

  • Super simple for group members. They don’t have to worry about yet another account on yet another web application. People can continue to use their email clients without ever signing up online.

  • A web interface + archive of the discussion (without all the repetition). Everyone gets SSL.

  • Email encryption! The group’s messages can be encrypted both ways, and we centrally store the group members public certificates to make the email encryption setup much easier for the group.

  • Links to centrally stored files so the same file attachment isn’t sitting in umpteen inboxes.

  • iPhone interface. iPhone doesn’t support encrypted email but we made it easy to get both encrypted and unencrypted mail from your phone.

  • Super simple CRM. BCC or forward messages to/from non-group members (vendors, clients, etc.) and have those discussions shared and searchable by the rest of your group.

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