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$600k in 3 Rounds from 4 Investors
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$600k Seed on July 14, 2017
Misgav, HaZafon
Hargol FoodTech is a commercial grasshopper farm.
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Food and Beverage, Nutrition, Agriculture, Snack Food, Farming, Sustainability, AgTech

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January 1, 2014
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Hargol FoodTech (Steak TzarTzar) plan to revolutionize the protein ingredient industry by providing a healthier, sustainable and more affordable alternative, becoming the leading intensive rearing company of grasshoppers in the world. The company will be at the forefront of high quality nutrients and healthy grasshoppers supply to markets around the world, improving current market wild-harvested supply by providing year-round availability, nutrients content & quality and costs reduction.

For its first line of products, Hargol FoodTech (Steak TzarTzar) relies on developed protocols and technologies of intensive breeding and growing of two grasshopper species that will be processed into protein powders. The company will be offering grasshopper based protein ingredient in North America markets to food/ingredient manufacturers.

Hargol FoodTech (Steak TzarTzar) have thus far been attracting the interest of distributors and retailers in the USA, Canada, EU Australia and South Africa with a grasshopper’s nutrient-rich flour. Entire first available batch of grasshoppers is expected by end-2016 and has already been reserved for purchase by a Canadian company.

With the expected 70% rise in demand for animal source protein over the next decades and with existing animal source protein taking a big toll on the environment there is a need for an alternative – Both sustainable and affordable for populations around the globe.

Enhanced by their vegetarian diet grasshoppers’ nutrient content is superior compare to other insects or animal source protein: About 70% whole protein, 7% fatty acids (omega-3 & omega-6), B12, Zinc, Iron, & Folic acid.

The US protein ingredient market f alone is estimated at $35 billion with leading whey based protein alternative. Today due to limited supply and high farming costs frozen insects wholesale price in North America are high.

Hargol FoodTech (Steak TzarTzar) plans to start offering a high-end protein ingredient and as costs are decreased compete over a growing share of the market.

Funding Rounds (4) - $600k

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Jul, 2017$600k / Seed2
Feb, 2017undisclosed amount / Non Equity Assistance1
Sep, 2016undisclosed amount / Angel2
Jul, 2016undisclosed amount / Venture1

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  • EntomoPharm, a biotechnology company, develops insect based screening models for predicting ADMET properties of chemical agents.
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    Elifelet, HaZafon


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    17 Tchelet Street

    Misgav, HaZafon


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