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Total Equity Funding
$3.5M in 2 Rounds from 11 Investors
New York, New York
Surphace provides contextual content tools enabling online publishers to create an engaging reader experience.
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Surphace (formerly Sphere) provides contextual content tools that make connections between text, video, photos and ads. Surphace helps online publishers create a more engaging reader experience leading to longer time spent on site and increased PVs per visit along with a new incremental revenue stream. Surphace is currently integrated into over 150,000 leading sites and is live on over 1.2 Billion monthly article pages across the web.

Surphace's core technology is a patent-pending process utilizing Sphere’s proprietary Content Genome.™ The Content Genome™ was developed specifically to deliver high-precision, low-cost (automated) related content delivery in dynamic online publishing and news environments. Unlike many other solutions, the Content Genome™ does not require a taxonomy or training — Surphace can index any text artifacts, or media with associated text, and generate related content out of the box. Integration time on the publishers’ side is minimal, and no additional meta-data is required.

Surphace has a broad range of partners including leading A-list publishers, micro-publishers and independent blogs.

Funding Rounds (2) - $3.5M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
May, 2006$3M / Series B2
Apr, 2005$500k / Series A9

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Products (1)

  • Sphere is a related content search service launched in March 2005 by founders Tony Conrad, Steve Nieker, and Martin Remy.

Competitors (4)

  • IceRocket is an internet search engine providing real-time search for blogs, Tweets, news and images.
  • Inform Technologies develops apps that enable media companies to enhance content creation, curation, distribution and monetization.
  • Technorati builds advertising platforms for high-level publishing firms.
  • Twingly is a blog data mining company based in Sweden that connects eCommers and bloggers.

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  • Office

    770 Broadway

    5th Floor

    New York, New York 10003

    United States

  • Office

    Denver, Colorado

    United States

  • Office

    Seattle, Washington

    United States

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