Total Equity Funding
$43.29M in 5 Rounds from 5 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$7.5M Debt Financing on October 14, 2015
Waltham, Massachusetts
Sonian Archive is a hosted information archive program created with cloud computing infrastructure technologies.
E-Commerce, SaaS, Email, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software

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Sonian is the only pure public cloud information archiving company, providing a service that is easy, flexible, actionable and reliable for OEM partners and their end customers. Sonian allows companies to preserve, analyze and access their electronic communications for legal, regulatory and continuity purposes while gaining organizational insights.

More than 25,000 customers in 43 countries trust Sonian’s secure proprietary platform to retain, retrieve and surface critical data and protect intellectual property.

Founded in 2007, Sonian realized that companies were struggling to manage Big Data. As a result, CTO and Founder Greg Arnette recognized earlier than most that there was an enormous opportunity to use the emerging public cloud to solve these problems. Since that time, Sonian has pioneered cutting-edge cloud technologies to protect and provide value for its partners and customers. This has led to many innovations in everything from managing cloud systems and aggregating data to extracting value from and accessing information.

Funding Rounds (6) - $50.79M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Oct, 2015$7.5M / Debt Financing1
Nov, 2013$8M / Series C3
May, 2012$13.6M / Series C3
Dec, 2010$9M / Series B4
Sep, 2009$5.6M / Series A2
Jul, 2009$7.09M / Venture0

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Products (1)

  • View Archive securely preserves electronic communications, making them searchable and accessible in the cloud.

Competitors (5)

  • Global Relay offers compliance messaging and message management, including archiving, audit and e-discovery for the financial sector.
  • LiveOffice provides software and services for managing capital expenditures, storage, backups, networks and disaster recovery.
  • Mimecast is a SaaS-based email management platform enabling companies to administer their business communications and data.
  • Proofpoint provides cloud-based email security, e-discovery and compliance solutions for companies to protect sensitive business data.
  • Smarsh provides cloud-based archiving and compliance solutions for companies in regulated and litigious industries.

Offices/Locations (2)

  • Headquarters

    201 Jones Rd

    Waltham, Massachusetts 02451

    United States

  • Sonian UK

    Worting House, Church Lane

    Basingstoke, Hampshire RG23 8PX

    United Kingdom

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