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SlideIdea a free iPad presentation app focused on one thing: Making Presentations Different.

Transforming Slides

SlideIdea reinvents the way people present slides through the use of Transformations; a new playmode that gives presenters the power to transform standard slides into captivating touch experiences. Unlike existing presentation apps that use pre-designed slide ‘transitions’, Transformations allow presenters to manipulate slides however they want. Some Transformations include: a book with turnable pages, a scroll with continuously flowing content, and a deck of cards to flick in any direction. The SlideIdea experience is seamless; simply import a PPT (or create slides in the app’s native slide builder), select a Transformation, then ‘WOW’ an audience.

Engaging Presentations

SlideIdea helps presenters engage their audience. Each presentation is provided a unique URL. Sharing the URL with an audience allows the audience to view slides on their own mobile device, participate in polls, send messages the presenter, or even play games. Poll results and messages are projected onto the presenter’s slides in realtime.

Bridging the PC-to-iPad Gap

SlideIdea makes transferring PPT files from a computer to an iPad effortless. The app bridges the gap with two solutions. First, users can sync computer PPT files to their iPad by simply uploading the files to slideidea.com/myfiles. Uploaded files sync directly to user iPads. Alternatively, users can import PPT files from their cloud storage within the app.

Creating Slides

Users can quickly create slides using SlideIdea's innovative widgets and intuitive touch gestures. Design time is cut in half due to the hundreds of professionally designed templates made available on SlideIdea’s cloud server.

Recording SlideCasts

SlideIdea makes it easy to record, publish, and share SlideCasts. Users simply record their speech presenting, then with the touch of a button, publish their SlideCast directly to their SlideCast webpage. SlideIdea provides every user a free personal SlideCast webpage for convenient sharing and hosting.

SlideIdea is free and available for download in the Apple App Store.

For more information please check out our Facebook, Twitter, Website, and iTunes Download page for screenshots.

Competitors (4)

  • Evernote is a suite of software and services that allow users to capture, organize, and find information across multiple platforms.
  • Keynote DeviceAnywhere provides a cloud-based platform for testing and monitoring the functionality of mobile apps and websites.
  • PowerPoint offers software that enables its users to view, edit, and create presentations.
  • Quickoffice is a freeware software platform enabling users to open, view and edit Microsoft Office files on mobile phones.

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  • Qiangsheng Building, 12fl

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    Shanghai, 200127


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