Silp is an online platform matching individuals with job opportunities based on their skills and social graph.
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Silp is the talent pool on Facebook. Silp matches jobs with your skills and the social graph to find the best opportunities for you. On Silp, you don’t need to search for jobs – your dream job will find you.

Silp matches jobs with skills and interests by taking various criteria into account, such as the user’s professional information on Facebook (work, education, location, etc.), specified skills, interests, and job preferences. And since most people link to other sites from their Facebook profile, Silp can mine, parse, and extract skills and interests from other online profiles as well (like Twitter, Blog, Tumblr, LinkedIn, About.me, GitHub, Stackoverflow, Behance, Zerply, Dribbble, etc.). The matching improves over time as Silp learns from feedback mechanisms, such as a user’s reactions to suggested job offers.

Silp also matches jobs with the social graph. It provides employers with the tools to identify potential candidates in their and their company’s network. When an employer posts a job vacancy, they, their co-workers and friends can see who in their extended network (friends and friends-of-friends) might be a good fit for the position. They can then recommend the job further or seek guidance, thus letting the job travel the social graph until the right candidates are found. Most people find jobs through their network of friend – Silp automates and supercharges this process.

When a job match is found, users will be informed by email or by a Facebook message from a friend. Silp’s matching algorithm ensures users receive only jobs they’ll really want.

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