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In 1968, while the semiconductor and biotechnology industries in the San Francisco Bay Area were on the verge of carrying the world into

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In 1968, while the semiconductor and biotechnology industries in the San Francisco Bay Area were on the verge of carrying the world into the next technology revolution, the J.F. Shea Co. was working nearby on the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system. They were in the perfect position to see and to appreciate the potential future impact of these emerging technologies, and to invest in them wisely.

Providing venture capital and other support for promising technology companies made sense for a business that was working hard at making major infrastructure improvements in the surrounding area. It was another way to care for the communities in which they worked and to bring continued financial stability to the company as a whole.

J. F. Shea Co.'s investments increased in value and provided additional capital and financial strength that allowed Shea Homes and Shea Properties to compete with public home builders and commercial developers and to acquire key assets in California and Colorado.

This legacy is now led by Shea Ventures, whose activities extend across the country with early stage investments in companies across a wide range of industries, including computer software, semiconductors, biotechnology and medical devices.

Shea Ventures' sustained record of successful early stage investments in new technology provides the J.F. Shea Companies with a solid foundation for growth … and another way to care for future generations.

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Aug, 2016$25M / Series C
Jul, 2016$15M / Series B
Apr, 2016$25M / Series D
Jan, 2016$5.3M / Series A (Lead)
Sep, 2015$16.1M / Series C (Lead)
Aug, 2015$28M / Series B (Lead)
Jul, 2015$13M / Series B
Apr, 2015$25M / Series C
Mar, 2015$22.5M / Venture
Feb, 2015$50M / Series C
Jun, 2014$20M / Venture
May, 2014$20M / Series D
Mar, 2014$100M / Series D
Mar, 2014$42M / Series E
Feb, 2014$4.25M / Venture
Feb, 2014$8M / Series F (Lead)
Nov, 2013$20M / Series F
Sep, 2013$19.4M / Series D
Aug, 2013$600k / Seed
Aug, 2012$8M / Series E
Jul, 2012$27M / Venture (Lead)
May, 2012$25M / Series D (Lead)
Feb, 2012$81M / Series G
Jan, 2012$27.5M / Venture
Dec, 2011$25.5M / Series C (Lead)
Feb, 2011$17.77M / Series B
Mar, 2010$30M / Series B
May, 2008$3M / Venture
Mar, 2007$5.8M / Series B
Mar, 2007$1.5M / Series C
Feb, 2007$7M / Series D
Feb, 2007$19M / Series C
Nov, 2006$14M / Venture
May, 2006$8.8M / Series D
Mar, 2006$2M / Series B
May, 2005$21.85M / Venture
May, 2005$16M / Series B
Mar, 2005$1.5M / Series A
Nov, 2004$11.9M / Series A
Oct, 2003$10M / Venture

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