Miami, Florida
SafeHostel is a community-driven app for hostels that helps travelers and hostel owners with travel.
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SafeHostel combines an easy-to-use online interface, a global guest database, and staff dedicated to help improve hostels' safety and consumer ratings. The goal is simply to provide hostels around the world with the tools needed to create a more positive environment for guests by helping to identify potential problems before they occur. With SafeHostel, hostel managers are empowered to protect their business, guests, and the global hostel community.

The SafeHostel team has also developed BananaDesk.com, which is a SaaS Property Management System designed for hostels, B&Bs, and small hotels to easily run their operations. No headache required. Hostel management is very different from hotels, plus the front desk can have a lot of staff rotating through. BananaDesk is designed from the ground up to be complete, intuitive, and easy to use for anyone working at a hostel, big or small. BananaDesk includes The SafeHostel Network within the PMS functionality and also provides integration with a leading Channel Manager.

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  • The SafeHostel team has developed BananaDesk, a SaaS Property Management Platform designed for hostels, B&Bs, and small hotels.
  • SafeHostel.com was added to CrunchBase in 2013

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  • Headquarters

    10600 NW 29th Terrace

    Miami, Florida 33172

    United States

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