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Total Equity Funding
$1.5M in 1 Round from 1 Investor
New York, NY
RUN is a mobile-focused programmatic advertising technology company offering cutting-edge mobile solutions.
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[RUN](www.rundsp.com) is the leader in mobile-focused programmatic advertising technology. The company empowers clients with self-serve or managed service capabilities, and is backed by real-time up-to-the-second analytics. RUN's cutting-edge mobile solutions integrate into its full suite of desktop capabilities and analytics products.

Established in 2010, RUN is a NY-based company. For more information, visit our website or follow us on Twitter @RUN_dsp.

RUN DSP RUN’s industry-leading programmatic buying technologies serve ads to connected devices around the globe. RUN works across both RTB exchanges and premium inventory sources, and empowers both self-serve and managed service capabilities.

RUN applies a combination of its Mobile Signature solution with machine learning, data science, cross-platform attribution and more for best-in-class ad targeting and real-time analytics.

Mobile Signature is a proprietary solution developed by RUN enabling complete conversion tracking across all platforms and operating systems, mobile retargeting, device recognition, cookieless audience targeting, and more.

Using RUN Analytics, RUN backs its targeting and delivery with real-time data to ensure the right audience gets the right ad at exactly the right time.

RUN Desk RUN’s open source, agile, client-focused approach enables the company to see beyond it’s own in-house technologies to incorporate best-in-class vertical solutions from around the world.

RUN Desk combines programmatic buying technologies across mobile, video, and desktop display, with an in-house team of analytic and strategic buying and planning experts.

Because the data is truly transparent, planners can be certain that they're getting their message in front of the right audience, within the right environment, in real time.

RUN’s independent status affords the necessary flexibility to empower clients with customized technology, tailored to their needs.

RUN Analytics The campaign data clients receive is up-to-the-second — not minutes, hours or days old. RUN’s analytics are transparent, in-depth, lightning fast and can be visualized, graphed and downloaded in a variety of ways.

RUN Analytics is customizable to clients’ data needs and connects seamlessly to RUN’s RTB engine, ensuring that all campaign data is actionable in real time.

Funding Rounds (1) - $1.5M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Aug, 2013$1.5M / Venture1

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