98 Investments in 80 Companies
1 IPO & 5 Acquisitions
San Francisco, CA
Funds Raised:
Drones, Robotics, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Space Travel, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence
Frontier Tech Ventures invests in early-stage Frontier Technology startups.

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Frontier Tech Ventures is the Frontier Tech venture capital firm.

We believe in the Founder’s Journey - the transformative process of turning vision into real world impact through daily execution and grit. Our team of investors, operators and community builders support founders through portfolio success programs across virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, space, next generation hardware, and IoT. In 2014 we launched River, the world's first accelerator dedicated to virtual and augmented reality startups, which now includes all frontier technology categories.

In a world where we spend all day looking at screens, we believe that the best way to build relationships is in person. We host quarterly landmark events, luminary speaker sessions, small group dinners, demo days, mentor meetings, community get-togethers and experiences to facilitate connections and knowledge-sharing throughout our community.

Our portfolio companies include AltspaceVR, Andela, Dronebase, FOVE, Luxe, Matterport, Reaction Housing, Revel Systems, Robinhood and SOLS.

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Aug, 2016$1.5M / Seed
Aug, 2016$2.5M / Seed
Jul, 2016$14M / Series A
Jul, 2016undisclosed amount / Seed
Jul, 2016$1M / Seed
Jun, 2016$14.7M / Series B
Jun, 2016$16M / Series B
Jun, 2016$1.85M / Seed
May, 2016undisclosed amount / Seed (Lead)
May, 2016$9.2M / Series A
Apr, 2016$2M / Series A
Mar, 2016$4.5M / Series A
Feb, 2016undisclosed amount / Seed
Nov, 2015$2.5M / Seed
Nov, 2015undisclosed amount / Seed
Nov, 2015$4.2M / Series A
Oct, 2015$1.5M / Seed
Oct, 2015$2.2M / Seed
Oct, 2015$13.5M / Series A
Oct, 2015$4M / Series A
Sep, 2015undisclosed amount / Angel
Sep, 2015undisclosed amount / Convertible Note
Sep, 2015$100k / Convertible Note
Aug, 2015undisclosed amount / Seed
Aug, 2015$8M / Series B
Aug, 2015$500k / Convertible Note
Aug, 2015$2.1M / Seed
Jul, 2015$10.3M / Series A
Jul, 2015$2M / Seed
Jun, 2015$5.5M / Series A
Jun, 2015$3.5M / Seed
May, 2015$2.1M / Seed
May, 2015$1.5M / Angel
Apr, 2015undisclosed amount / Seed
Mar, 2015undisclosed amount / Venture
Mar, 2015$9.8M / Series A
Mar, 2015$3.1M / Seed
Mar, 2015$1M / Angel
Feb, 2015$1M / Seed
Jan, 2015$100k / Seed

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Funds (4)

Apr 29, 2016Rothenberg Ventures 2016 Fund$17M
Oct 18, 2013Rothenberg Ventures Fund II$11M
Sep 6, 2012Rothenberg Ventures Fund I$5M
May 27, 2015Rothenberg Ventures 2015 Fund$5.03M

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    1062 Folsom St

    Suite 200

    San Francisco, CA 94103


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