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Total Equity Funding
$1.1M in 1 Round from 2 Investors
Mountain View, California
RewardMe is a real-time intelligent CRM solution for local commerce, providing merchants with customer insights.
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CRM, Loyalty Programs, Advertising, Mobile

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RewardMe is the world’s first Real-time Intelligent CRM Platform for Local Commerce, created to solve the most pressing problem facing local businesses today: the anonymous customer. Over time, technology, big-brand growth and quick staff turnover have contributed to an institutional amnesia of the individual customer: who they are, and how they buy. Online retailers like Amazon generate 60% of revenue by acting instantly on knowledge of visiting customers, while local commerce remains largely ignorant of the next customer to walk through their front door.

RewardMe brings the CRM capabilities of eCommerce giants to offline stores, giving merchants detailed knowledge of their unique customers, and the ability to act upon this information in real time. RewardMe delivers this "inevitable future" of local commerce by connecting a network of devices: the Point-of-Sale System (POS), in-store interactive tablets, and consumer phones. The RewardMe Platform enables commerce solutions like card-less loyalty, detailed customer analytics, eReceipts, surveys and feedback programs, intelligent mobile marketing, as well as vertical-specific applications that support the offline space.

The goal of this disruptive technology is to resuscitate the art of high-touch sales – where it has been lost and where it was never previously economical – boosting revenues along the way. In the process, RewardMe is creating the world’s largest database of sales-specific Personal Identifying Information (PII). While Google became hugely successful by monetizing the context of consumer search – what consumers seek – RewardMe hopes to monetize the context of consumer sales history – what they actually buy.

Funding Rounds (1) - $1.1M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
May, 2011$1.1M / Angel2

Investors (2)


Competitors (3)

  • Chatterfly is a mobile platform providing information to customers about neighborhood loyalty reward programs.
  • Punchd is a mobile application facilitating mobile phone-enabled loyalty cards for businesses providing reward points for their customers.
  • Sundrop Mobile provides mobile marketing and loyalty solutions for businesses.

Offices/Locations (1)

  • Headquarters

    2286 Mora

    Mountain View, California 94040

    United States

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