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Quantic Lab is an outsourcing company specialized in all-platform high-quality testing solutions. With a decade of experience, Quantic Lab is one of the leading European outsourcing companies, contributing to the release of thousands of projects worldwide (websites, games, edutainment software, business application, and more). We are known as a

trustworthy QA Business partner and maintaining our good reputation is a lifelong company goal.

Lists Featuring This Company

Acquired Video Games Companies
563 Number of Organizations • $3.8B Total Funding Amount • 587 Number of Investors
European Union (EU) Outsourcing Companies
1,034 Number of Organizations • $1.3B Total Funding Amount • 106 Number of Investors
Private Cluj-napoca Companies
326 Number of Organizations • $16.4M Total Funding Amount • 22 Number of Investors
Quality Assurance Companies
772 Number of Organizations • $810.9M Total Funding Amount • 283 Number of Investors

M&A Details

Quantic Lab was acquired by Embracer Group for €4.8M on Nov 18, 2020. This deal was done in Cash.