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PortableApps develops portable media-related packaged software and applications for its clients.


CB Rank (Company) 239,650
Categories  Broadcasting, Flash Storage, Mobile Apps, Music, Open Source, Software, VideoHeadquarters Regions  Greater New York Area, East Coast, Northeastern USFounded Date 2005Founders  John HallerOperating Status ActiveNumber of Employees 1-10
IPO Status Private
Website Facebook  View on Facebook Twitter  View on Twitter Phone Number 800-704-6344

PortableApps develops portable media applications for its clients.

The applications enable its users to transfer their customized options, bookmarks, and settings to other devices. Furthermore, it provides its users with folders to organize their applications and update them. It develops apps for accessibility, development, education, games, graphics, internet, music, video, office, security, and utilities.

PortableApps was founded in 2005 by John Haller and is based in New York.

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