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Plnnr is a web-based personal tour guide that automatically generates personalized travel itineraries.

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Plnnr.com is a web based personal tour guide that automatically generates travel itineraries according to people's wishes.

By aggregating travel information available on the web, Plnnr's smart algorithm takes into account opening hours, visitor ratings, distances and much more, to build a complete schedule and route for every day of a planned trip.

Instead of using outdated guidebooks or collecting bits and pieces of information from too many sources and trying to coordinate the information into a working itinerary, Plnnr offers a quick 5 step process to define basic preferences. These desires are used to calculate and present a ready-to-use plan for each day. plnnr.com’s users review the suggested itinerary by browsing the details of the daily routes. If needed they can refine just about anything: from daily departure times to transportation mode and most importantly, which attraction they approve and would like to visit and which attraction they reject and prefer to skip. Every time a new detail is entered Plnnr recalculates the itinerary until it's totally customized to the user's smallest desire.

Plnnr currently offers trip planning in several destination cities including London, Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Dublin,Washington DC and San Francisco. Additional cities are being added continuously, and information is being updated frequently, so tourists should never again find themselves arriving at an attraction when it’s already closed, or far worse, does not exist anymore.

Plnnr.com’s strength is the emphasis on ease of use for travelers by using smart technology and simple friendly design. Plnnr.com saves time and hassle in the search, research, planning and booking stages of the trip. For those in a hurry, plnnr.com offers a range of themes that can be chosen for planning a trip. The results are trips customized for those who are vacationing with kids, prefer to be outdoors or are focused on seeing the best cultural attractions in each city. Plnnr.com takes great care to make sure travelers will make the most of their trips.

Created by founders who love embarking on journeys and hate missing on the juicy details, plnnr takes the view of the traveller when building trip plans and suggesting great itineraries.

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