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Pleasanton, California
PERSIST Technologies delivers high-performance, highly intuitive digital storage and retrieval solutions.
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PERSIST Technologies delivers high-performance, highly intuitive digital storage and retrieval solutions.

PERSIST Technologies, Inc. is the leader in storage appliance software that offers enterprises the ability to simplify storage, reduce costs and empower users with immediate and intelligent access to critical information assets. With PERSIST, companies can leverage powerful storage solutions that deliver reliable, anytime access to a their critical data. PERSIST combines its proprietary AppStor™ software with hardware from leading storage vendors to create an active-archive appliance that enables companies to handle the explosive content demands that are taxing their current primary architectures. Now large organizations can manage their reference information, including email, document imaging, and digital media—with application-intelligent technology that outperforms any other solution on the market.

Data and storage needs are rising at a tremendous rate due to the explosive growth of reference information. In fact, according to analysts’ estimates, some 52 billion emails will be transmitted daily within the worldwide enterprise market by the end of 2006. Additionally, new regulations that require some companies to archive and retain all business communication for a minimum of three years has generated an even greater need for reliable, scalable digital storage.

PERSIST AppStor™ Active-Archiving Solutions solve the problem of expanding storage needs with powerful scalability from 1TB to 25TB mirrored, in mirrored increments per system. It automatically offloads and catalogs large amounts of reference information, eliminating the need for additional expenditures to existing solutions. While many companies simply add expensive multi-vendor hardware and software, and hire additional IT personnel to manage it, PERSIST makes it is possible to build and manage a solution designed specifically to reduce complexity while directly addressing the issue of spiraling, out-of-control storage costs.

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