Total Equity Funding
$1.65M in 3 Rounds from 4 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$100k Seed on August 1, 2011
New York, New York
PeekYou is a people search engine that allows its users to find and contact individuals online.
Search Engine, Social Media, Social CRM

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PeekYou places the individual at the center of the Internet. For every public weblink, PeekYou tries to answer the question, "Who made it?" or, where applicable, "Whom is it about?" So far, we've answered those questions for a billion links and counting. Our patented technology analyzes content from over sixty social sites, news sources, homepages and blog platforms and identifies the actual people behind it, combining their scattered digital footprints into a comprehensive record of their online identity.

Google calculates the likelihood of any link being associated to a keyword. PeekYou calculates the likelihood of any link being associated to an individual.

The company was founded in 2006 by Michael Hussey and is headquartered in New York City.

Funding Rounds (3) - $1.65M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Aug, 2011$100k / Seed3
Jul, 2010$50k / Angel1
Aug, 2006$1.5M / Angel1

Products (3)

  • PeekAnalytics delivers Twitter analytics that help publishers, brands, agencies, and media buyers understand their social consumers.
  • PeekYou’s API returns publicly available social graph data on social fans and customers. The API provides insights on; audience type, name,
  • PeekYou.com is the web’s leading free people search engine, serving 10 million monthly visitors, and according to Quantcast it is one of

Competitors (7)

  • Ark.com is a search engine enabling users to search for old classmates, new business contacts, and friends.
  • Bigsight Media Group is the parent company behind bigsight.org, the web's central people directory.
  • LinkedIn, a professional networking site, allows its members to create business connections, search for jobs, and find potential clients.
  • Qwerly aggregates social media data from various sources and makes it available via an API.
  • Acquired by TowerData in 2013, Rapleaf provides comprehensive data about email addresses and the people behind them.
  • Spock is a people and public information search engine.
  • Wink is a community-based social search engine enabling users to find people and their profiles.

Offices/Locations (1)

  • Office

    New York, New York

    United States

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