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Went Public on Sep 13, 2011 / TPE:4966
Total Equity Funding
$14.5M in 1 Round from 3 Investors
Sunnyvale, California
Parade Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company specialized in developing high-speed video interfacing and processing products.
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Semiconductor, Apps, Video

Company Details


Parade Technologies, Ltd, or Parade, is a privately held, fabless semiconductor company that specializes in developing high-speed video interfacing and processing products. The company seeks to leverage a combination of high-speed analog, mixed-signal and digital design expertise together with system level knowledge to take product performance, power efficiency and customer satisfaction to new heights. Parade products can be applied to a broad array of applications in personal computer and consumer electronics devices such as digital TV, DVD, and set-top box etc.

In addition to being an innovator and technology leader, Parade also seeks to be an active participant and leader in the industry. Parade Technologies, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Parade, is a current member of VESA (Video Electronics Standard Association), and adopters of HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) Alliance, and DDWG (Digital Display Working Group), as well as an active eco-system participant. Parade Technologies, Inc. has made key contributions to the development of VESA's DisplayPort digital video interface standard.

Parade has a Hong Kong branch office which provides administrative and logistical services. Parade also has a Taiwan branch office to provide sales and customers support as well as production management and assistance.

The company was founded in 2005 and is based in Sunnyvale, California with branch offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan; and a design center in Shanghai, China.

Funding Rounds (1) - $14.5M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Aug, 2007$14.5M / Series B3

Current Team (6)

  • Co-Founder & Executive Vice President of Marketing
  • Co=Founder & Executive Vice President of Product Development
  • Sr. Vice President of World Wide Sales
  • Co-Founder, President and Executive Vice President of Engineering
  • Sr. Vice President of Finance
  • CEO and Chairman

Offices/Locations (3)

  • HQ

    530 Lakeside Drive

    Suite 230

    Sunnyvale, California 94085

    United States

  • Design Center

    680 Gui Ping Road

    Bd.32, Suite 302

    Shanghai, Shanghai 200233


  • Subsidiary

    2890 Zanker Road

    Suite 102

    San Jose, California 95134

    United States

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