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Business planning and performance tracking dashboards for small businesses worldwide.
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Palo Alto Software, Inc., was founded in Palo Alto (CA) in 1983 as Infoplan, a sole proprietorship. In 1988 it was incorporated in California as Palo Alto Software. Palo Alto Software moved to Oregon in 1992 and was subsequently merged into Palo Alto Software, an Oregon corporation.

The business plan product evolved from extensive consulting in business planning for large and small companies. In 1984, Infoplan published a business plan template, which accompanied a book published by Oasis Press; and in 1988, the original version of Business Plan Toolkit was published.

Since its release in 1995, Business Plan Pro has seen favorable reviews by numerous business and high-tech magazines and Internet sites. It is regularly on Amazon.com's top 10 list of best-selling business software. Business Plan Pro has won many honors, and customized versions have been developed for corporations; regional version are available in Canada and the United Kingdom. The most recent versions, Business Plan Pro 11.0 and Business Plan Pro 11.0 Premier, were released in November 2007.

Marketing Plan Pro was first released in 1996 and the current version, version 9.0 appearing in 2006. Advertising Plan Pro became available in November 2001.

Email Center Pro is an email management software as a service product, and was officially launched in April, 2008.

The newest product is LivePlan, business pitching, planning and financial tracking in the cloud. LivePlan launched in April, 2011.

Palo Alto Software is also owns a content marketing site called Bplans.com. Bplans is focused on business planning and management topics, and is the largest business planning content site on the Web.

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