San Francisco, California
OpenAmplify provides large scale commercial text analysis and natural language processing (NLP) solutions.
Natural Language Processing, Semantic Web, Software, Text Analytics

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OpenAmplify is a leader in large scale, commercial Text Analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions. OpenAmplify delivers social-grade signals with its patented NLP technology that mimicks the human process of language understanding to identify the significant topics, brands, people, perspectives, emotions, attributes, intentions, actions and timescales contained in online text. The OpenAmplify API returns the meaning in English-language content in usable and actionable data structures including XML and json, thereby enabling other solutions providers to create value, profit and grow.

By understanding what text actually means not just the individual words, OpenAmplify can better manage and monetize content. The company has leveraged 20 years of academic research into applied computational linguistics and machine learning. Unlike most “deep” Natural Language Processing technologies, OpenAmplify's research has concentrated on commercial systems that meet the demands of large-scale business use. Our technology is continually evolving and is today protected by 12 granted and many pending patents in the USA, Sweden and EU regions.

OpenAmplify gives other systems developers simple, scalable access to the most powerful Natural Language Processing technology in an open web service platform.

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  • San Francisco

    50 California Street

    Suite 1608

    San Francisco, California 94111

    United States

  • Annapolis

    106 South Street

    Annapolis, Maryland 21401

    United States

  • London

    Caparo House, 3rd Floor

    103 Baker Street

    London, England W1U 6LN

    United Kingdom

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