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Chicago, Illinois
OnlyWire is an auto-syndication tool for submitting articles and content to social and business networking services.
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OnlyWire is an Auto-syndication tool to submit articles and content to the web's top 45 Social Networks and Bookmarking sites.

With the click of a single button, users can update their content to the web's top social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon as well as business media sites like LinkedIn and Plaxo.

OnlyWire is soon to launch its two premium services called OnlyWire Enterprise and Pro. These services are being rolled out with submission-based pricing for clients who require high volume usage. Both products will allow for increased API submissions (i.e. posts) and OnlyWire Enterprise is geared towards companies that require the ability to set up their end-customers with accounts and track overall system performance.

The Enterprise solution includes new levels of service which includes: 1. A System Administrator ("Admin"). 2. Unlimited User Accounts. 3. User and System Analytics. 4. Increased Support. 5. Set up and Training.

OnlyWire is also adding a Finalization service that will allow any submissions requiring Human Intervention (i.e. Captcha) to be handled by our support team. This means that all service providers that require finalization for user submissions (e.g. Digg, Reddit, etc.) will be submitted and authenticated through the Captcha process by OnlyWire as part of this additional monthly fee.

To learn more about OnlyWire, please visit: www.OnlyWire.com

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