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OneTrueFan is a community and web check-in company enabling its users to view the daily visitors of web pages.
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OneTrueFan is a service that enables users to see who else has viewed and shared the pages they read. Users earn points for engagement -- visiting regularly, reading new content, sharing links and driving traffic -- and can compete to be the biggest fan of a site. Players can also earn badges for specific gameplay achievements, such as regularly being the first person in their social graph to find new pages. The service is distributed as both a web site "widget" and browser plugin.

More than 80% of any site's traffic visits once a month or less. In most cases, this traffic results from search engines and social links and less than 24 hours later there is no recall of where the content was consumed. These readers are essential negative value -- they don't remember the brand, they don't click on ads and they don't come back again.

Only six to eight percent of a site's traffic are "regulars", defined as visiting at least once a week. These readers drive much of the real value on a web site, regularly contributing comments, sharing content with friends and clicking on advertising.

OneTrueFan enables web sites to develop deeper engagement with these regular reader, encouraging them to visit and share content even more often. Post-launch, OneTrue fan will launch a dashboard, enabling web sites get a multi-dimensional view of their readers based upon frequency of visits, amount of content read, regularity of shares and traffic sent. Web site owners can use existing channels, such as Twitter and Facebook, to communicate with readers.

OneTrueFan will also offer a series of APIs that enable web sites to customize themselves and offer special incentives and offers to their true fans. In the long-term, OneTrueFan hopes to become a marketplace, enabling virtual currency providers (such as United Airlines and American Express) to provide incentive for passionate readers at large web sites and media companies.

Funding Rounds (1) - $1.2M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Sep, 2010$1.2M / Seed7

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