53 Investments in 29 Companies
1 IPO & 7 Acquisitions
San Francisco, California
Funds Raised:
Venture Capital
Nth Power is a venture capital firm based in San Francisco and is the first and most experienced venture capital firm.

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Nth Power is a venture capital firm based in San Francisco and is the first and most experienced venture capital firm funding promising startup companies in the growing sector of energy technology, materials and other related businesses. With $420 million under management in four funds and an investment record that begins in 1997, Nth Power is widely known and well regarded as the driving force behind many of the most successful energy technology companies.

The firm’s leading history in energy related venture capital is the result of a deep network of energy entrepreneurs, universities and research institutions, unmatched corporate relationships and the backing of institutional capital. And because the firm is located in the center of much of where energy is innovating, Nth Power plays a visionary role in pushing forward the businesses that are addressing some of the worlds most pressing energy challenges.

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Sep, 2016$9.5M / Series C
Apr, 2015$23M / Series C and
Sep, 2014$53M / Series C
Dec, 2013$8.5M / Series B
Aug, 2013$20M / Series D
Jul, 2013$4M / Venture
Dec, 2012$26M / Series B
Dec, 2012$11M / Series D
Oct, 2012$1.15M / Venture
Apr, 2012$400k / Venture
Feb, 2012$10M / Series A
Sep, 2011$2.4M / Venture (Lead)
Jul, 2011$16M / Series C
May, 2011$25M / Series C
Dec, 2010$25M / Series C
Jul, 2010$5M / Venture
Mar, 2010$2.7M / Series A (Lead)
Feb, 2010$15M / Venture (Lead)
Feb, 2010$12M / Series C (Lead)
Jan, 2010$2M / Venture
Dec, 2009$20M / Series B
Sep, 2009$14M / Series B
Mar, 2009$7M / Series C
Jan, 2009$8M / Series C
Jun, 2008$14M / Series C (Lead)
Jun, 2008$18M / Series C
Feb, 2008$16M / Series B
Feb, 2008undisclosed amount / Venture
Jan, 2008$32M / Series C
Sep, 2007$11M / Series B
Aug, 2007$4.79M / Series A (Lead)
Jul, 2007$14M / Series C
Jun, 2007$5.8M / Series A
Apr, 2007$16.2M / Series B
Mar, 2007$5M / Venture
Mar, 2007$3.44M / Series A
Dec, 2006$25M / Series B
Jan, 2006$3M / Series F
Jan, 2006$18.7M / Venture
Oct, 2005$12M / Series C

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Oct 11, 2000Nth Power Technologies II$120.5M
Jan 1, 1996Nth Power Technologies Fund IUnknown Amount
Jan 1, 2007Nth Power IV$132M

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  • Headquarters

    555 Mission Street

    Suite 3300

    San Francisco, California 94105

    United States

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